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Tacoma Landscapings

Tacoma homeowners want to have a yard to be proud of. Curb appeal is often a defining feature of a responsible home owner, but not everyone has the time to correctly care for their lawns and landscaping.

Landscaping is much more than just the look of your property. A great landscape design should encompass the entire property leaving no space wasted. The best landscapings will leave your neighbors envious while increasing the appeal of the surrounding community.

We know that you take pride in your home, business, or both… That’s why you should only use the best when handling their landscaping. If you are looking for a local family owned and operated landscape company, contact Tacoma Landscapings today.

Tacoma Landscapings has been a leader in our area crafting some of the best landscaping designs with hardscape installation in town. We have decades of experience and have earned a reputation with our clients for our customer service.

“Landscape Design should be smart & user friendly”

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Professional Landscaping Company in Tacoma WA.

Tacoma Landscapes is a full service landscaping company offering landscape design, installation and year round maintenance. We serve Tacoma and surrounding areas. We offer both commercial and residential landscaping services. Our experienced team along with our equipment can handle any job. Call today or fill out the form to book your appointment.

Landscape Design

Landscaping adds curb appeal and increases the value of your home. Our experts will design your landscaping to complement the style of your home. We often combine nature and culture. In our landscape designs. This brings together your home, landscape, and garden.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn and landscape is crucial to the health of your lawn! We offer year round maintenance of your lawn, trees, shrubbery and flower beds.

Flower Beds

Perfect if you want to add color and texture to your landscape. Our landscaping team can design seasonal flower beds so you will have beautiful color all year round.

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Professional Landscaping Company in Tacoma WA.
Professional Landscaping Company in Tacoma WA.
Professional Landscaping Company in Tacoma WA.
Landscaping Services Tacoma, WA

Landscaping Services

When you use Tacoma Landscapings you preserve your home’s natural assets. Our landscaping services prevent erosion while creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. We’ll use your landscaping to provide natural barriers and improve the look of your home.

On top of making your home look good, our landscaping services will also add value. We can help you if you’re starting from scratch or need to maintain what you already have. Tacoma Landscapings can provide the landscaping & landscape design services you need. ​

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Mulch Landscaping
The Importance of Mulching


You ever wonder why do we mulch? It’s expensive and needs to be done every year so why bother mulching? Adding mulch to you landscape doesn’t stop weeds completely, although it does a nice job of slowing them down. So surely we don’t use mulch simple because it looks pretty right?

Actually the real reason we mulch is because it creates one of the best environments for growing. You want mulch around your plants, trees, and perennials. Aestietically it looks good and mulch also helps with weed prevention.

Mulch helps with preventing erosion
You can provide a barrier from wind and rain by using mulch and protect your soil. Along with your soil washing or blowing away, so does all the nutrients your plants need. Add some mulch if you want to prevent erosion while providing nutrients for your soil.

Mulch prevents weed growth
We all know that weeds grow quickly. They rob the water and nutrients from the soil our plants need for healthy growth. An easy way to prevent weed growth in your landscaping is just adding some mulch.

Mulch slows water evaporation
Adding mulch provides a needed barrier between your plant’s roots and direct sunlight. Slowing the water evaporation process provides your plants the opportunity to get the water needed to grow.